The times are a-changin´
Martin Lindegren, Christian Möllmann, Anna Gårdmark and Thorsten Blenckner.
ICES Insight, Issue No. 48, September 2011. ISBN 978-87-7482-097-0
Taking their cue from the lyrics of Bob Dylan, Martin Lindegren, Christian Möllmann, Anna Gårdmark, and Thorsten Blenckner write about the Working Group on Integrated Assessments of the Baltic Sea (WGIAB) in their article "The Times They Are a-Changing".

They share their views and visions from the WGIAB, a group which is dedicated to large-scale ecosystem assessments. They  describe it as a multinational,multidisciplinary group of scientists, who, as the lyrics say,“gather round people”in a regime-shift quest.

As regime shifts may, or may not, be entirely reversible, management strategies that mazimize ecosystem resilience is vital.

Read more about the ICES/HELCOM WGIAB here.

September 2011
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