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* RECOCA Kick-off meeting, Baltic Nest Institute, Stockholm 2-3 February 2009

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* RECOCA Workshop, Bioforsk, Ås - Norway, 20-21 May 2009
How to decrease the pollution to the Baltic Sea?

A 2-day workshop was organized by Bioforsk on how to model the riverine loads of nutrients to the Baltic Sea. Professor Srinivasan Ragahavan from Texas University was invited to give the latest developments in the SWAT model; a model widely used world-wide. In addition, 12 other participants from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia and Estonia showed the present status regarding diffuse nutrient runoff from agricultural fields in their respective countries.

The workshop concluded that there is particular challenge to quantify the degree of the relative share of surface and sub-surface runoff. The latter is particularly important in the Nordic Baltic countries with intensive tile-drainage systems. Other challenges are related to how to obtain the necessary detailed input data for the simulation models and how to deal with winter conditions, especially seen within a climate change context and the assumed increase in freezing-thawing cycles effecting soil- and phosphorus loss to both open water courses and groundwater. The in-depth discussion at the  workshop provided important impetus to the modeling of water and nutrient balances in the 8 typewatersheds in the Baltic Sea drainage basin using the SWAT model. Prof. Srinivasan expressed his willingness to cooperate with the RECOCA project which was highly appreciated by the project members.

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Workshop presentations

* RECOCA Workshop, Warsaw, Poland, 9-10 September 2010
Workshop for SWAT users in RECOCA WP 4 - River basin model

Gathering SWAT users in workpackage 4 - River basin model, this workshop is held at Warsaw University of Life Sciences September 9-10 and hosted by Jaroslaw Chormanski.

The aim of this workshop is to assure progress, to harmonize modelling setup and to agree on methods to address the modelling scenario tasks in RECOCA.

*RECOCA Annual meeting, Warsaw, Poland 11-12 January 2011

The annual meeting of RECOCA will be held at the Faculty of Economic Sciences (SGWW), Warsaw University.
Map to SSWW

* RECOCA Workshop, Tallin, Estonia, 14 - 16 March 2011
Workshop for SWAT users in RECOCA WP 4 -Type river catchments in the Baltic Sea drainage basin

Gathering SWAT users in workpackage 4, this workshop is held at the Estonian Environment Information Centre in Tallin, March 14-16.
The workshop focuses on SWAT modelling of type river catchments in the Baltic Sea drainage basin. In parallell to the workshop, scientist from the RECOCA project will conduct a one-day model seminar for students.

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