Published: 2009-04-01
Presentation of fisheries best management report and conference sent live!
Conference on ACHIEVING SUSTAINABLE FISHERIES — learning from best practice in fisheries management

See the presentation live here on 3 April.

The results from the in depth study of best practices in fisheries management will be presented during the conference "Achieving Sustainable Fisheries - learning from best practices in fisheries management" in Brussels.

- Centralized decision-making must be replaced by regional stakeholder management in order to adapt to regional ecosystem conditions.

This is one of the key findings from studies of successful fisheries management in Norway, Canada and the US. The report from the studies has been produced by centre partner Baltic Nest Institute together with Baltic Sea 2020 as a part of the Best Practices Project.

Renowned scientists, stakeholders and policymakers, including among others Commissioner Borg, researchers Mike Sissenwine and David Symes, Swedish State Secretary Magnus Kindbom, will respond to the conclusions elaborated in the report. Moreover, representatives from the US, Norway and Canada will elaborate on their experiences.  

Participants are invited from all Member States and the European Commission, as well as from organizations representing the fishing industry and environmental stakeholders.

Conference ProgrammePDF (pdf, 186.2 kB)

The conference will be held at Hotel Silken Berlaymont 11-19, Boulevard Charlemagne.

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