Prof. Jacob Carstensen, BNI Denmark

Published: 2016-06-15

New COCOA exhibition and video at Roskilde harbour

Researchers from the BONUS-project COCOA have produced an exhibition of their research, including a video of the history of eutrophication and oligotrophication of Roskilde Fjord.

Researchers from BNI Denmark showcase a new exhibition of research at Roskilde Harbour.

The exhibition, which include a video on the eutrophication and oligotrophication history of Roskilde Fjord, will be on display throughout the summer and autumn 2016.

Improvement in water quality

For decades Roskilde Fjord received large inputs of nutrients from wastewater and agriculture, but in the last two decades addressing these sources have led to a gradual improvement in water quality.

The improvements include improved water quality and increased depth distribution of eelgrass.

Researchers from the BONUS COCOA and EU DEVOTES projects are investigating the processes leading to marine ecosystem recovery using Roskilde Fjord as a case study.


On 11-12 June the researchers demonstrated some of the equipment used in connection with BONUS COCOA and explained their results to the public.

The people at the exhibition were especially interested in knowing more about their local ecosystem and how it has changed over the years.

The video (in Danish with English subtitles) is available here.

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