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Published: 2011-06-01
FishSTERN report published
- A first attempt at an ecological-economic evaluation of fishery management scenarios in the Baltic Sea region
The results of FishSTERN are now available.

Baltic Nest Institute researcher Thorsten Blenckner has, together with Ralf Döring from the Johann Heinrich von Thünen Bundesforschungsinstitut, Germany, coordinated a consortium of international research institutes in the research project FishSTERN.

Aim of FishSTERN
The aim of this subproject was to collect economic fisheries-related data, forming the basic input for a bio-economic model to simulate management scenarios for fisheries. Data from seven countries around the Baltic Sea were collected and put into the mode.

The modelling results indicate that fisheries in the Central Baltic Sea are only profitable if the fishing effort is low, given current stocks size and fishing fleet structure. However this result needs to be interpreted cautiously due to data-related problems . To improve such a fisheries-related ecosystem assessment, either the type of economic data needs to be improved or another economic approach needs to be applied.

FishSTERN is part of the research network BalticSTERN, an international research network with the purpose of doing cost-benefit analysis regarding the environmental problems of the Baltic Sea and give guidance toward cost-effective measures and policy instruments.

The international research network is named BalticSTERN where the acronym STERN is inspired by the Stern-review, but stands for Systems Tools and Ecological-economic evaluation - a Research Network.

Brochure about BalticSTERN (pdf, 3 MB)
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Download the reportPDF (pdf, 3.6 MB)

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