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Published: 2014-06-24

BNI and the Nest model presented during Almedalen - the Swedish Politican's week

BNI and Stockholm University's Baltic Sea Centre is once again participating during Almedalen. This year, the Baltic Sea is in focus, and we will participate during 30 June - 4 July, presenting the Nest model and our latest finding in various seminars.

30 June - 4 July, Stockholm University´s Baltic Sea Centre and Baltic Nest Institute Sweden will participate during Almedalsveckan, the annual Swedish political week held in Visby, Gotland.

This year, we are participating in a wide range of seminars and meetings, including during the "Baltic Sea week" arranged by Forum Östersjön and Uppsala University. Bo Gustafsson and Marmar Nekoro will represent BNI.

During "Deck Talks" Bo Gustafsson will give a presentation on "Från hamburgare till algblomning - om övergödning och köttkonsumtion" (see full program below for details on the two presentations), disussing the increasing meat consumption in the Baltic Sea region and the effects this increased consumption has on the agricultural sector and the Baltic Sea environment.

In addtion, the Decision Support System Nest will be presented onboard the boat R/V Aurelia 1-3 July, and the public can learn more about how it has been used in the Baltic Sea Action Plan.

BNI and Baltic Sea Centre Participation - program in Swedish

Below you can find the program, in Swedish, of all our activities.

Måndag 30 juni

Tisdag 1 juli

Onsdag 2 juli

Torsdag 3 juli

Fredag 4 juli

Here you can find information about our participation last year, including a film from our event.

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