Baltic Sea countries reconfirm their commitment to the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan. The Baltic Nest Institute continues to play an important role, providing the best available scientific knowledge.
Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre is in an expansive phase and new positions, both communicators and researchers, will be advertised the coming months. At the moment we announce seven Baltic Sea research positions.
An updated version of the Nest user manual is now available in the BNI Technical Report series, and can be used by decision-makers, scientists and students who wish to learn more about how to use Nest.
Increased information regarding what research says about the state of the Baltic Sea is crucial for politicians in order to take the decisions needed to save the Baltic Sea. That was the key message at a seminar organized by the Baltic Sea Centre at Stockholm University during Almedalsveckan. See the seminar at
Using biological ensemble modeling a group of researchers, among them researchers from BNI Sweden, show that Baltic Sea cod are affected by what they eat. Climate change leads to a warmer and less saline Baltic Sea, where cod become fewer and less able to withstand heavy fishing pressure.
In the HELCOM Activity Report 2012, recently made available to the public, BNI and its work on the review process of the Baltic Sea Action Plan is explicitly mentioned.
In February Baltic Nest Institute applied for funding from the BONUS research program. The applications have now been evaluated: two of them were rated among the top, and are now invited for further negotiations.
Stockholm University's Baltic Sea Centre forms a strategic partnership with the Foundation Baltic Sea 2020. The Foundation allocates 100 million Swedish kronor to the project Baltic Eye to convey useful knowledge about the Baltic Sea to decision makers. This knowledge is a necessary contribution to realizing the ambition to improve the Baltic Sea environment.
On her first day in office, the new Vice-Chancellor of Stockholm University Astrid Söderbergh Widding, inaugurated the recently established Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre, which the Baltic Nest Institute Sweden is part of.
Tillsammans med andra Östersjöexperter blev Christoph Humborg, BNI Sverige, inbjuden att presentera den senaste forskningen om Östersjöns övergödning.
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