BNI researchers involved in the Top-level Research Iniative on Climate Change Effects on Marine Ecosystems and Resource Economics
BNI forskare presenterar hur man gör ekosystemansatsen operationell under seminariet om "Ekosystemansatsen i teori och praktik - vad vet vi, var står vi?"
Baltic Sea researchers meet to discuss uncertainties of scenario simulations and modelling
During the annual WWF Baltic Sea Seminar, held on August 26 in Stockholm, Poul Degnbol, Head of the Advisory Programme at the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), was awarded the WWF Baltic Sea Leadership award.
Workshop for SWAT users in RECOCA WP 4 - River basin model
BNI is presenting the Decision Support System Nest at the international EUTRO 2010 conference
The Baltic Sea is slowly recovering, said senior scientist and former director of the Baltic Nest Institute, Fredrik Wulff, when interviewed by Dagens Nyheter, one of Sweden´s largest newspapers.
HELCOM has contracted BNI to assist with revising the ecological targets for the Baltic Sea Action Plan (TARGREV project). Other partners in TARGREV are SYKE, IOW and DHI.
BNI Director Christoph Humborg leads plenary session on "The Decision Support System Nest - a Key Modeling Tool for the Baltic Sea Action Plan.
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