BNI researcher Gertje Czub´s article "Towards an understanding of the link between environmental emissions and human body burdens of PCBs using CoZMoMAN" is now available online in the latest issue of Environment International.
The new book "Fisheries, Sustainability and Development" discusses the challenges of ensuring a sustainable coexistence and further development of fisheries and aquacultue in developing and developed countries.
Henrik Österblom invited to give presentation on the role of the cod in the Baltic Sea ecosystem during a seminar and panel debate linked to "For Cod´s Sake"
Researchers propose critical planetary boundaries, including numerical boundaries for ocean acidification and the global nitrogen and phosphorus cycles.
Presentations from the conference can be downloaded here
BNI one of the organizing partners at this international conference, with the purpose of presenting and discussing state of the art science-based management from regulating land-use in the catchment areas, consequences for the water borne and atmospheric emissions to effects for fishery, environmental quality and economy for the entire Baltic Sea Ecoregion.
1) 14 October, 13:00-18:00: "Data integration and modelling workshop" (chaired by Brian MacKenzie). 2) 15 October, 09:00-18:00: Annual General Assemble (chaired by Markus Meier). 3) 16 October, 10:00-17:00: "The marine ecosystem in changing climate - on the added value of coupled climate-environmental modelling of the Baltic Sea" (chaired by Markus Meier and Brian MacKenzie).
"Estuaries and Coasts in a Changing World" is the topic for this year's CERF conference.BNI researchers convene a scientific session on "Linking Science and Management for the Baltic Sea Ecosystem restoration", discussing research in support of environmental policy needs.
The conference is focused on presenting results of active restoration projects in the coastal and offshore Baltic Sea.
August 17-21, marine scientists from different disciplines have gathered in Tallinn, to exchange ideas and knowledge, enhance the cooperation and integrate the marine science community.
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